Free Resignation Letters

The resignation letter proper follows the ordinary business letter format:

June 20, 2006

Mr./Ms. (name) Proper salutation plus name of

immediate boss

(Company name)

(Company address)

Dear Mr./Ms. (name)

Yours sincerely,

(your name) Same name as your signature.

cc: (name and title of H/R supervisor)

The "cc" is short for "carbon copy" (remember them?) and implies that the named person or persons will get a copy of this letter (a photocopy). Make sure you actually send it to them, in a seperate envelope.

The original letter goes to the person named as your immediate boss. Keep a copy for your own records.

If your employer doesn't have an H/R department, or if you're resigning from a volunteer post, then the "cc" and resulting copy aren't needed.

Each of this site's resignation letter templates includes a the letter pre-formatted as a Microsoft Word .DOC file.

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