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Resigning Due To Return To Office Mandate Resignation Letter

Dear Mr./Ms. Bossname,

Barring changes to the new Return to Office policy, I must resign, effective immediately.

During the time that I have worked in a remote or hybrid manner spurred by the coronavirus pandemic, I found that I have been more focused and more efficient. The same is true for the rest of my team. Moreover, reducing or eliminating my commute has resulted in significate improvement in my work-life balance, financial position, and satisfaction level.

I greatly enjoy working with this company, and regret that I have been put in the position where I must resign. My family and I made decisions based on earlier assurances by the company that a hybrid remote schedule would continue to be an option.

I urge you to reconsider the RTO order. The net result to the company will likely be more resignations, unsatisfied workers, and decreased productivity.

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