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Resigning Due To Office Relocation Resignation Letter

Dear Mr./Ms. Bossname,

I am resigning, effective immediately.

I was assured when I accepted the position that I would be based at my home in Brooklyn, with monthly all-staff meetings in Manhattan. Now, I am being told to report three days a week to a satellite office in Scranton. This is untenable. Even if I were personally amenable to office-based work, the time and expense of such a commute makes it unrealistic. I cannot be expected to uproot my family and move to a different state.

I honestly feel betrayed. During my tenure, customer engagement has increased and product sales are up by 23 percent. There is no reason why I should be required to appear in an office that wasn’t even a company location at the time I was hired.

If you insist on implementing this policy, I guarantee that you will lose your top performers, and everything from productivity to diversity will suffer as well.

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