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Resigning Due To Insufficient Time Off Resignation Letter

I must resign, effective immediately.

When I was hired, my contract stipulated that I am entitled to three weeks of paid vacation per annum. Unfortunately, in my three years here, that hasn’t been the case. I’ve been told that too many others in my department have already requested time off. I’ve been told that vacations are not an option during production season. I have even been told that I’m not a “team player” for insisting on the time off that I deserve. The last straw was when I was called back to the office from my long-planned, management-approved honeymoon trip for an “emergency” that could have easily been handled by others on-site.

I expect my final paycheck this week as stipulated in my contract, as well as compensation for my accrued and unused paid time off totaling five weeks.

It is unfortunate that things played out this way, as I was otherwise pleased with my role at the company and excited about the progress we have been able to make here during my tenure.

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