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Resigning Due To Commuting Costs Resignation Letter

Dear Mr./Ms. Bossname,

I regretfully must resign. Please consider this my two weeks’ notice.

When the company moved to a flexible, hybrid schedule, it was lifechanging for myself and my family. I was more productive with work and more present with my family. After assurances that remote or hybrid work would always be an option, I moved to a more-affordable, family-friendly community more than an hour from company headquarters. I also invested in a home office. My managers were aware of all of this as it unfolded.

Being faced with an unexpected and nearly impossible choice, I must choose my personal and financial well-being.

I am spending $400 a month on gas alone, with nearly $100 in parking fees on top of that. The lost time and the effect of fossil fuels on the environment also do not escape my awareness. I can’t spend three hours a day in a car and still bring my best self to my work and my family. Moreover, I had been able to drop my children off at school and pick them up afterward. Now, I’m faced with paying for after-school child care.

I wish you all the best, but find it hard to believe that many employees will accept this new company mandate, and will have similar issues with the commute.

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