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Resigning Due To Child Care Issues Resignation Letter

Dear Mr./Ms. Bossname,

I must submit my resignation. I am able to work two more weeks, if the company would like.

Unfortunately, recent inflexibility on the part of company management, including the return-to-office order and nine-to-five mandate, has proven unworkable for my family. Until the changes, I was able to drop my children off and school and pick them up afterward, with no impact to my work productivity. I’m not willing or able to pay for transport to school, nor after-school child care.

I have secured a job at a competing company that offers flexible hours and a hybrid workplace setting. This will allow me to prioritize my family and work-life balance while still progressing in my career.

I will miss my team and appreciate the opportunity to work on so many challenging and interesting projects during my time with the company.

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