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Resigning Due To Being Overworked Resignation Letter

Dear Mr./Ms. Bossname,

I must tender my resignation.

During my many years at this company, I have always stepped up. I’ve covered for my coworkers when they were out on leave, making no complaints about my increased workload. The sheer number of projects I’ve handled goes far beyond the typical ratio for our industry.

However, it has become clear that my loyalty is not being reciprocated. Rather than being rewarded for working efficiently and putting in more hours, I have been met with even more responsibilities and stagnant pay. What occurred last month in regard to the Johnson Project brought everything into focus for me. I am done.

After consulting my physician, and then reflecting with my family, it is clear that the negative impact to my health and overall wellbeing outweighs the benefits of being part of the company team.

I will truly miss my colleagues, and have enjoyed much of my time at the company.

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