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Resignation From School Board Resignation Letter

In light of the proceedings at Wednesday night's board meeting, I am left with no choice but to resign my position on the Anydistrict Board of Trustees.

When I first decided to run for this volunteer position, I knew that I would not be compensated with money. I did, however, expect to be able to make a difference in this community, this district, and in children's lives. Unfortunately, I have found myself mired in a bureaucratic mess that places staff egos above students' best interests.

The majority vote Wednesday sadly affirms that the school district's stated vision and mission of "an unwavering commitment to students' personal success" is just window dressing. Our children are not being prepared to "meet the challenges of a rapidly progressing society." They are being prepared to pass standardized tests. That's the truth of it.

I am deeply disappointed not only with the decision made by my fellow trustees and district staff, but with the lack of transparency in the process itself.

I cannot stand by and be a part of this disservice to the very schoolchildren who will shape our nation in the future. Resignation from the board is my only option.

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