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Quitting A Show Resignation Letter

Dear Director,

It is with sadness that I must quit the show. Since there is still quite some time to go before opening night, I don't feel like I'm leaving you in the lurch. You could bring on a new cast member, or perhaps consider Cory, currently part of the ensemble, for my role. She played Fantine in college, and I'm sure would bring great passion to the character.

This decision is not due to any creative differences or issues with other cast and crew members. Rather, I've run into a personal challenge that I don't feel comfortable sharing in this letter. Please reach out to me privately if you'd like to talk about where I'm coming from here.

As you know, I'm unpaid and not under contract. However, my personal ethics demand that I honor my commitments, whether it's community theater or a paying gig. It is to my great sorrow that I'm unable to do so in this instance. I hope that this does not affect my chances in future auditions.

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