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Pulling Student From A School Resignation Letter

Following our conversation of this morning, we are writing to let you know that we have no choice but to pull our son (name) from Anytown Charter School. We plan to enroll him at Anytown Elementary. Or, if no spots are available in fourth grade, we will homeschool him under the supervision of the county Office of Education until space opens up.

While we had deep misgivings about the situation at the start of the year, we believed your assurances that you were handling the matter and that we had nothing to worry about. Yesterday's events demonstrated that our son is not safe at school. This is untenable.

(Name) enjoyed his first three years at Anytown Charter and is disappointed that he has to leave his friends and his school. We, too, will miss the nurturing, supportive learning community in which he thrived until the appalling events of the past month.

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