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It is with great regret that I am resigning as senator for District 5.

Serving as your senator has been my life's greatest joy, second only to my love for my wife, Barb, and our three children. I'm proud of what has been accomplished during the nearly two years of my term, and, before that in my role as assemblyman. I deeply appreciate the trust you've placed in me.

I have betrayed that trust. I am embarrassed and ashamed to acknowledge that, despite my earlier statements to the contrary, the media reports regarding my private struggles are largely true.

I'm stepping down so that I can focus on repairing the damage I have done to my familial and personal relationships. This work will include much introspection as well as formal therapy.

District 5 will not go unrepresented. As empowered by the state Legislature, the governor will appoint a replacement to finish out the remaining months of my term.

The intense public focus on my personal mistakes has become a distraction that has gotten in the way of the real, positive change I promised during my campaign. Let's move forward.

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