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Dear Mr./Ms. Bossname,

I'm submitting my resignation, with my final work day to be two weeks from now. I'm happy to aid in the transition, and to that end have outlined my outstanding projects.

I've been working with the Other Department on Project A, which has taken the bulk of my time for the past quarter. Jane K. is well-versed in our progress on this and would be a natural to take it over.

Project B has hit a few snags, but if you'll refer to ABC Computer File, you'll see the data I've collected. All that's left to see it through is the final sales stats, which Bill should have by the end of the month.

You should also be aware that the following projects are still outstanding:

Project C - Description

Project D - Description

Project E - Description

Thank you for the opportunities I've had to grow in this company. I'll look back fondly on my time here. Please feel free to reach out any time in the next couple of months if you have questions about the aforementioned projects.

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